Features & Benefits


 Integrated communications solution

Supports all stages of report production, from initial storyboarding to the final printing of the report, as well as standard correspondence tasks.


  • Users can produce consistent, properly formatted documents independent of home office services.
  • Solo's Storyboard allows users to visualize and refine a report's structure and flow without wasting time creating unnecessary exhibits.
  • Speeds-up revisions and eliminates graphics department bottlenecks.
  • Reduces overall production costs.

 Broad range of built-in exhibits

Point and click access to hundreds of professionally designed, corporate visuals. Custom exhibits can easily be added.


  • Assists in fast and accurate exhibit selection.
  • Uses a "fill in the blanks" approach to create pages.
  • Promotes sharing and reuse of effective visuals.

 Powerful document management

Stores an entire report in a single, self-contained document. Finds and opens pages quickly in large reports. Intelligently resolves revisions, page by page, when importing. Move files transparently between the Macintosh and Windows platforms.


  • Simplifies report handling within teams.
  • Allows people to work on reports in parallel on Macintosh and Windows platforms.
  • Supports creation of large, complex documents.
  • Generates presentation slides directly from the report. No reformatting needed.

 Extensive format controls

Controls for text and graphics are stored in software to promote consistency and enforce format standards. Corporate format standards are easily captured and applied.


  • Facilitates implementing corporate-wide graphics standards.
  • Ensures consistency across users and offices.
  • Reduces costly format training and simplifies working with outside vendors.

 Outperforms stand-alone alternatives

Full-featured implementation of all functions. Includes complete word processing; flexible, data-driven charts; powerful table editor; intuitive drawing tools.


  • Fulfills requirements of graphic artists as well as report writers.
  • No performance compromises.
  • Makes a single report production software standard possible.

 Cross platform, compact files

Solo files are 100% cross-platform compatible and are typically 1/3 the size of competitors' files.


  • Works in mixed Macintosh/Windows environments.
  • Uses disk space and memory efficiently.
  • Reduces electronic file transfer times by 50% compared with PowerPoint.