Product Overview

Solo is a powerful application for creating visually oriented reports. It is ideally suited for the production of documents which combine large amounts of graphics with narrative text and tables.

Solo was originally designed to meet the complex report production requirements of the world's leading management consulting firms, but its functionality is applicable to a much broader range of education, business and government communication needs.

Solo integrates full featured word processing, drawing and charting with a unique Storyboard interface and a rich Template Library. This allows for a "fill in the blanks" approach to creating most exhibits. Powerful document and format management enable individuals, or teams working in parallel, to create consistent, high quality reports in record time.

The Template Library provides a broad range of built-in charts, tables, conceptual illustrations, forms and text formats. It can be customized to meet graphic and identity standards, and expanded to include proprietary or industry-specific visuals, as well as standard forms such as letters, faxes and memos. The Template Library represents an excellent tool for facilitating learning and knowledge sharing among users within an organization.

Solo supports the concept of Message Driven Visual Communication which encourages users to articulate explicit messages for each exhibit added to a report. This discipline reduces the number of unnecessary visuals and focuses the user's thinking on supporting the overall storyline.

When creating visual reports, Solo outperforms any combination of stand-alone applications. Solo is in daily use by thousands of managers and business professionals. Whether it is used to create a 3 page meeting handout, or a massive 375 page final report, the quality, consistency and effectiveness of a Solo document is unmistakable.

If you have any specific questions regarding Solo functionality or performance, please contact Axon Sales.

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