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Welcome to Solo Support

Here you will find technical documentation and usage tips, as well as links to other sources of technical support.

If you are experiencing problems with your installation or while running Solo, check the "Latest Support Bulletins" page. You may find an answer to your problem there.

To find tips on how to improve Solo performance, or how to execute a particular variation of a chart form or answers to other "How do I..." questions, check the "Tips & Tech Notes" page.

For third party device drivers and software updates, visit the "Support Links" page.

If you are looking for report production, customization or training services, please visit the "Solo Service Providers" page.

If you do not find the information you need here, you can contact Axon Customer Support directly at the phone numbers listed above. Phone support is available Monday through Friday 9 am - 6 pm (EST). Outside of these hours, please leave a voice mail message with your question, and a number where you can be reached. Your call will be returned during the next business day.

Finally, somebody here in the office has collected a bunch of links to various consulting and general interest sites which we include here without comment: Miscellaneous Links.

Updates and Upgrades

Updates can be obtained by visiting the "Software Updates" page.

Reporting Bugs

If you are experiencing a recurring problem while using Solo, please e-mail us a description of the problem.

It is very important that we receive enough information to enable us to reproduce the error in our testing lab. Specifically, please tell us the following:

Please e-mail this information to: